Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2018

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This new edition of the Urban Contemporary Art Guide follows the same principles than the previous ones.

The team of GRAFFITIART Magazine brainstormed for a while in order to come up with a selection that seemed objectively relevant as well as the most interesting for our readers. It is not a hit list or a top 100, since we came back to the initial idea of presenting the work of 100 artists.

The Guide mostly aims at being a reference tool and a source of discovery. We especially cared about featuring artists of all origins, working in different places of the world and representative of the whole urban art spectrum.Limiting ourselves to 100 artists necessarily led to arbitrary choices. Besides we were in fact unable to stick to this number, and, like in good video games, there is an “Easter egg” hidden in this guide. The most playful of you can count the number of entries in this edition.

The Guide targets different audiences. First, the art professionals. They will see their choices confirmed or discover new artists they might want to support in the future. Second, artists themselves. We provide a long list of galleries that represent urban artists all over the world, which offers artists valuable information about places and occasions to exhibit their work. Third, art collectors. This selection of biographies and artwork visuals might lead some of you to want to make new acquisitions and open up their collection. Stencil art, futurism, pop art, figurative expressionism, post-graffiti: the range of techniques and styles is incredibly rich and sale prices are still reasonable. Finally, art lovers. For them, the Guide is a unique art book that offers incredible diversity and wealth.