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Graffiti Art issue 35

The magazine of contemporary urban art

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This issue 35 starts strong on a cover dedicated to the German duo Low Bros and their emblematic wolf.


After a few American expeditions, the editorial team returned to the European shores with a visit to the Nuart Festival in Norway and Upeart in Finland. These walls that come from the cold explode the limits of the genre with brilliance. A Spanish invited to Marseille and it is the occasion of a deep encounter with Gonzalo Borondo while he prepares his monumental show, "Matière Noire". Exclusive!


Another Vermibus spokesman in Berlin, Vermibus draws us into his anti-advertising interventions and imprints in our psyche his "anti-beauty" faces as so many black holes referring us to the despair of the consumerist society.


Amandine Urruty takes us in the footsteps of Jerome Bosch in his frescoes that remind us that hell is paved with good intentions.


As for the German Hendrik Czakainski, he traces the images of catastrophes captured by satellites to produce moving volumes in which the disorders of a world become a bit too dense for the human being. The French Ludo brings us back to social criticism by mobilizing its technoidal insects with green dominance and strong accent of irony. This issue then investigates the irruption of urban art in museums in a dossier that leaves aside the question of legitimacy to focus on the places, collections and the ever-increasing wave of the movement in progress.


Finally, in a detour through Los Angeles, we visit the gallery Thinkspace and Andrew Hosner, his boss, who tells us how he applies to the art trade the techniques of rock metal producers.


A number that announces a combative, transgressive and beautiful autumn.

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