Graffiti Art issue 22

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Summer has finally arrived, and with it issue 22 of Graffiti Art, a magazine featuring Honet, a major figure in French graffiti, on its cover. Alongside him, you’ll find the timeless talent of Dave Kinsey who vacillates between cubist collage and surrealist painting.

Canvases, but not only… We also present the king of “Skulpture”, Japan’s Haroshi who composes his works from fragments of skateboards. The delicacy of the young Italian’s spatial geometries Moneylessare matched by the raw, animal scenes of the equally young Jaz.

We also feature a topical dossier. With the summer season just around the corner, an “Urban summer guide” was in order. Through a selection of our favorite cities, including Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Berlin and Brussels, as well as New York and Detroit on the East Coast, and Los Angeles and SF on the West Coast, we take you on a tour of the pictorial richness of these megacities.

In short, a breath of fresh air and happiness before the start of the new school year.
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