Graffiti Art issue 26

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This summer 2016 issue features a dossier on the art of reality in painting, from the classicism of oil painting to a new hyperrealism with surrealist tendencies.

To let your mind wander under the parasol to discover new artistic talents, you can immerse yourself in the interview with our cover artist, the American Sam Friedmana former assistant to Kaws and a semi-abstract painter halfway between Wesselman and De Kooning, whose work is dominated by landscape and still life.

The German MadC takes us on a journey of pictorial femininity and tangy abstraction, asserting her position as a woman artist on the contemporary scene. A third fascinating interview with the Frenchman Bom.K reveals his radical artistic commitment to drawing and painting, with a strange, morbid sensuality that hypnotizes the viewer.

A fine analysis reveals the portrait of the Italian artist 2501 and his protean production ranging from paintings to installations, ceramics and drawings with gold leaf. Finally, let’s discover the world of Kehinde WileyKehinde Wiley’s work, a cross between 18th-century classical painting and hip-hop icons, is the subject of a major retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum. To keep abreast of the summer’s major exhibitions, we invite you to take part in the debate for or against Pressureism, the famous title of the exhibition currently on show at the Pinacothèque that is causing such a stir; and to read our article on the exhibition Hip-Hop, from the Bronx to the Arab streets, accompanied by an interview with his work from recent months, the latest street art news, the results of the latest auctions and the exhibitions not to be missed in galleries and museums throughout the summer.