Graffiti Art issue 28

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In this Winter 2016 issue, we feature a dossier on Paper Art, or how artists magnify the paper medium in volume, with Crystal Wagner, Antoine Casals, 1010, Nuria Mora, Mademoiselle Maurice, Ian Kuali’i.

To warm you up, curl up in your armchair and immerse yourself in the interview with our cover artist, the American
Ron English
American artist Ron English, a militant of the Jamming Culture cause, hijacking the codes of Pop Culture and icons of modern capitalism.

The Australian
Fintan Magee
tells his story and his work, an artist committed to the climate issue. A third interview with the Frenchman
presents a body of work inspired by industrial wastelands, abandoned places on the bangs of cities, halfway between painting, photography and collage.

We then discover a portrait of the Swiss-Italian artist duo
and their protean production, ranging from paintings to installations on environmental issues, all in visual poetry. The abstract, geometric works of the Polish artist
invite you to enter the world of Grafffuturism, with its tangy colors and gentle musicality.

Finally, the impressive anamorphoses by
Felice Varini
on a city or building scale, propel the viewer between art and mathematics, into the primary colors of early abstraction.
To take part (and take sides) in the major issues that have been agitating the inhabitants of our lovely planet since COP21, we have therefore focused many of the topics in this issue on the fundamental theme of climate and the environment.

Read the interview with
Shepard Fairey
. Then, a look back at the most beautiful exhibitions of late 2015 with
El Mac
visit the Los Angeles studio of
Kenny Scharf
and discover new artists on the Outdoor and Une œuvre, un Artiste pages!

And don’t forget to consult our calendar at the end of this issue for all the exhibitions not to be missed in galleries and museums throughout the winter.