Graffiti Art issue 30

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This summer 2016 issue features a special report on miniature art in urban space (Joe Iurato, Pablo Delgado, Evol, Helen Nodding, Slinkachu and Isaac Cordal) that allows us to look at the city differently.

Next, we plunge into the world of American
Tara McPherson
star of toy design and Pop Surrealism in the 2000s, and one of the very first artists to join the Jonathan LeVine gallery, showing his astrolunar work in all its beauty. The Dutchman
Collin Van der Sluijs
has been pursuing his career since the late 2000s; 2016 marks his first major solo show in the United States.
His paintings of portraits and animals, sometimes with a childlike delicacy akin to art brut, are a wonderful discovery!

More funky, more pinky, American
Buff Monster
means it’s ice cream season, while the interview with
This more serious work allows us to take the historical measure of the French artist. His contribution to the history of graffiti and, in a broader perspective, of French painting is enormous.

Finally, for his retrospective exhibition at the Fondation Maeght, we were given the opportunity to meet with
who has just completed another titanic project in Italy on Lake Iseo. A sensitive portrait of the artist who, since the death of his partner Jeanne-Claude, has been pursuing a common work with unprecedented love.

As in every issue, you’ll be able to discover our selection of emerging artists in the “One work, one artist” section; take a look back at our favorite exhibitions of the past season; and admire and shop our selection of limited editions.

Finally, our new diary gives you access to 45 exhibitions selected by the editorial team not to be missed in galleries and museums this summer and autumn.