Guide to Contemporary Urban Art 2022

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The 2022 edition of the Urban Contemporary Art Guide is out!

At the crossroads of Street Art and Urban Art

This year, we are again exploring Urban Art in all its diversity, singularity, ambiguity, and struggles through the portrait of 50 talented artists expressing themselves in a wide range of media and techniques. Urban Art owes its richness to the confrontation of styles at festivals, gallery exhibitions, auction sales, and museum shows.

Like in the magazine GraffitiART, and more specifically in our ‘Place2Art’ and ‘1 Destination 5 Spots’ sections, we look to foster encounters between our readers and urban artworks. We want to take our readers into the street and make them discover open-air museums and masterpieces such as the twelve murals of the month selected by the Street Art Cities community.

For our cover mural, the choice of D*Face’s piece Race Face was the result of a logical thought process looking to combine artistic quality and the issues raised by the energy crisis looming over an upcoming challenging winter.

As every year, we continue to fight for the recognition of Urban Art, and significant steps have already been taken. Urban Contemporary Art is flowing through society… penetrating even the corporate world. It has become a no-brainer for all urban projects, not just those for redevelopment. We have also seen a real turnaround on the institutional front with retrospective shows such as CAPITALES(s) which highlights ‘60 years of Urban Art in Paris’.

2022, a year full of creativity.