Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2013

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JonOne, who has lived in France for the past twenty-five years, is one of those who have contributed to the birth of the contemporary urban art market in France. No one suspected that this movement would grow to such proportions, and that an artist like this American with a strong accent would take the reins of this market. Today, it’s fair to say that JonOne has opened many doors to the realms of the possible. To celebrate his fiftieth birthday, we’ve given him the cover of our new edition of the Guide to Contemporary Urban Art and a twenty-page retrospective portrait immersing us in a veritable pictorial saga. Happy birthday, Mr JonOne, you’ve earned it!  Today’s contemporary urban art scene, far from being limited to a handful of star artists, is teeming with new talent waiting to be discovered. Last year, there were almost a hundred artists on the international art market map for 2011-2012. Since then, the movement has gone from strength to strength, enabling many more artists to establish themselves, not least thanks to the commitment of passionate gallerists around the world. The 2013 Guide to Contemporary Urban Art therefore includes even more artists, including 49 who were absent from the first edition and who have distinguished themselves over the past year through solo and group exhibitions, as well as, for some, through their activity in the public space, both spontaneously and as part of festivals. So many novelties! Don’t try to pinpoint the characteristic trends of 2013; that’s the very beauty of this movement, which is the fruit of many artistic individualities, both in terms of background and approach. Its interest lies in discovering this diversity. But Le Guide de l’art contemporain urbain 2013 is intended to be a guide, not a bible. The scene is ever-changing, so we invite you to remain curious and delve deeper!