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Graffiti Art issue 32

The magazine of contemporary urban art

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In the first issue of 2017, a dossier on artists using the medium of wood with a highlight of Graphic Surgery artists, Steph Cop, Haroshi, Taku Obata, AJ Fosik and Arne Quinze, but also Vincent Mauger, Faile , Jaime Molina, Hilary White and Michael Zelehoski. Through this ancestral and contemporary material, the artists demonstrate the permanence of the living.


We then plunge into the typographic and calligraphic dimension of post-graffiti with the pioneer of European graffiti Niels Shoe Meulman and Paris graffiti artist Swiz. We discuss the dreamlike dimension of figuration with two Asian artists, both expats in Los Angeles, Andrew Hem and Yoskai Yamamoto.


Our imagination continues to travel through the air structures of the Italian Edoardo Tresoldi. We smile at the pop and contemporary creations of American Jerkface.


We enter the intimacy of Isaac Cordal's workshop, then the story of Psyckoze and the catacombs. If we also give you to see the most beautiful painted walls of winter on the outdoor side, our indoor section "A work, an artist" allows to go to the discovery of emerging artists like Anna Taratiel, Frau Isa, Dourone, Zenoy, Henrik Uldalen, Gleo, Michael Vasquez.


We are also interested in the exhibition "Brassaï Graffiti" held at the Pompidou Center, the essential art news and the finest limited editions of the moment and the latest book releases.


Finally, we recommend more than 40 exhibitions to see at the beginning of the year in galleries and museums and major fairs.

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