Guide to Contemporary Urban Art 2022


The 2022 edition of the Urban Contemporary Art Guide is out!

The 2022 Guide presents 50 confirmed and emerging artists on 232 pages. The diversity of creation and approaches of Street Art is honored with a more important place given to muralists.

Street Art for Point Cardinal The quest for reference points animates us all at a time when new political, economic and energy paradigms are imposing themselves on us with force. In this endless quest for reference points, Street Art appropriates symbols and rites from the great monotheistic religions, and confronts the sacred with the profane. Always in search of landmarks, Lille and its hot spots are the North star of Street Art. We also find reference points in the creative diversity of the street artists. We meet Hendrik Beikirch and his black representations of humans with singular expressions, Takeru Amano with his colorful poetry and his particular look on women, and Amandine Urruty with her phantasmagorical worlds. To complete the picture, Buff Monster with its dripping Melty, and Nebay with its colorful representations have such recognizable styles. Street Art, a creative cornerstone.