Graffiti Art issue 37


D*Face ‘s striking piece on the cover of this issue, soon to be shown at the Urvanity fair in Madrid, sums up our state of mind at the start of 2018.


What is it about? To be alarmed by the world’s disorders, while retaining a certain dose of scathing irony. A kind of aesthetic of combative despair


So for this new edition, we’re taking to the streets again. Back to the streets, with Bahia Shehab, actress and witness to the Egyptian revolution through her militant stencils. Back to the streets, with lan Strange and its shipwrecked buildings, is a prelude, we dare hope, to the awakening of political awareness in the American suburbs. Back to the streets , with Cranio and his “good savages” paddling through the consumerist colonization of South America. Back to the streets again, with Kashink and its play on genres.


And then, in the form of a paradox, an interview with Felipe Pantone, who proposes a future of speed and electricity by manipulating images inspired by antique cathode ray tubes. Nostalgia? Yes, too.


When Maxime Drouet takes us on a tour of his beautifully “vandalized” trains, or when we discover JonOne properly “museified” – we’re in for a treat.


Finally, a quick note aboutan advertorial devoted to Richard Orlinski, a boy who inspires affection in us for a whole host of reasons too long to explain here. Alarm and irony.


Happy New Year to all.


Only available in Digital version