Graffiti Art issue 38

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Are we fond of commemorations? Not really. But still, a little. So yes, we’re taking the time to break out the champagne for GRAFFITIART Magazine’s tenth anniversary. What a trip!


From those early days, when Samantha Longhi and Nicolas Chenus decided to give the movement its own reference magazine. At the time, the Commission Paritaire des Publications, a sort of French-style censorship board, refused to recognize the magazine for promoting “vandalism”. We’re still laughing about it. Today, there isn’t a big-city mayor who doesn’t drag himself to the feet of “vandal” artists, so that they can come and restore the image of his neighborhoods.


For this issue, with no review, no tribute, but a special guest, lnvader, who celebrates 20 years in the business. An emblem? Yes. Through his technique, he has established a permanence to his street art. Its themes surfed on technology and pop culture. Market recognition, too. Here’s an example.


Elsewhere in this issue, a rarity awaits you with an exclusive interview with the secretive Pejac. And then, for our anniversary, perhaps, and for joy, surely, the Canemorto band welcomed us into their delirium, and we welcome their delirium back to our pages. An initiative worth repeating.


We’ll also be at the Urban Art Fair from April 12. Overwhelmed, I tell you… But whatever happens, don’t look back. –