Graffiti Art issue 39

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In this new edition of GRAFFITIART, we finally manage to establish a historical line of the urban art movement.


In fact, we felt like we were missing out on telling you about all our artists without being able to place them in a kind of continuity, evolution or transformation. The three movements are finally brought together in this issue.


We recount the past with a dive into the world of Rammellzee, a total artist and decisive link between hip-hop, graffiti and primitive art. Vhils and Faile brilliantly embody the present movement at the confluence of pop, expressionist figuration and hard-core contemporary art.


And our feature on the blossoming of urban art foundations illustrates the “museum” future that awaits our creators. What makes us optimistic is that the combination of the three phases only strengthens the coherence of the urban approach.


And then there’s space. It’s hard to deny ourselves the pleasure, as we move through time and place with magical ease. From Scotland’s Nuart festival, to Belgium’s Crystal Ship, via the new Couvent residence in Marseille, and then, and then… New York City, Los Angeles and South America explored in all directions by Remed and his shamanic-influenced art. Urbi et orbi.

Blessed be urban art.