Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2019

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Why this Guide?
In this new 2019 edition of theUrban Contemporary Art Guide, we’ve chosen to take a closer look at the work of fifty artists. Our choices were guided by the desire to discover or rediscover signatures to which our editorial team has been particularly sensitive over the past twelve months.
This is obviously not an “objective” ranking, but a selection that we feel reflects a certain state at a certain moment in the contemporary urban art scene.
Another innovation for 2019 is the choice to present not only studio works, but also to return to the outdoor works, murals and others, of the artists we champion here. The primary criterion for the taxonomy of urban art is work produced outdoors, and we wanted to emphasize our attachment to this approach. In this context, we’ve even been able to introduce artists like Eduardo, Tresoldi, who don’t specifically produce studio work. This opening has therefore been particularly fruitful.
Each edition of the Guide is a major undertaking, and I’d like to thank the artists, their agents and their gallery owners for their patience and commitment in providing us with the material we present to you today. Its exceptional richness speaks for itself.
The Guide ‘s staff have also done an exceptional job in a very short space of time to get us out in time for one of the most important contemporary art weeks of the year.
In a way, this Guide also represents a personal achievement in this exciting and invigorating wave of urban art, and I’d like to thank all those who have enabled me to produce such fine publications under the GRAFFITIART label.